Meet the Next-Gen Trading

Algocraze is a risk controlled, tried and tested stock trading that has been operating for more than 3 years with many satisfied clients. The team at Algocraze aim to help you make as much as 8% MONTHLY RETURN by investing your money in a low risk trading algorithm or platform tailored to your needs.

Make profits when the market goes UP, DOWN & even SIDEWAYS

It all started with one idea – to improve the market for all with our AI trading algorithms – but we have now grown into a company with many satisfied clients worldwide! No matter what you need – Account Handling through Algo Trading , a basic portfolio , Share Advisory , Education in Share Market , Accounting of your books , Loan Approval for any type of loan , Dematerialization of Share Certificates , Insurance , Mutual Funds or even just some friendly investment advice from an actual person – we have the resources to provide it!

Our Conviction

Data-Driven Backtested Strategies

All our strategies are a byproduct of relentless hard-work by professional market participants. All strategies have an accuracy of at least 95% - backtested thoroughly.

Remove Human Bias

99% of traders lose money in the stock market trading. Time and time again, retail market participants have lost money by giving in their urge to buy/sell a stock based on pure speculation and emotions.

Avoid Loss in Market Volatility

Our strategies cover every angle of the market - Equity cash , futures or options. Whether you want to go long or short a stock, we can help you generate profits nevertheless.


Algorithm Trading (or Algo Trading) is a computerised form of trading where a computer will be fed with tried & tested strategies will trade in the stock market on behalf of a human being. It removes the human interference in trading.

It is the flagship service by AlgoCraze where we handle your account and apply our strategies to generate returns on your account.

  1. Remove human error
  2. Lower maintenance charges
  3. Backtest, guaranteed strategies
  4. Increased opportunity with instant execution
  5. Maximize your exposure to the underlying market with automated buy and sell orders.

Minimum capital Required is ₹1,00,000.

You can expect returns upto 15% in some months - but 7-8% on an average should be a fair expectation.

Call Us for further information. Algocraze is here to help YOU.

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